Bank of Queensland

Australia's fastest growing retail bank has found value in outsourcing its branch bag mail management to Decipha.

Bank of Queensland is expanding fast, with a network of more than 240 retail branches across Australia. While the rapid expansion has been good news for the publicly listed bank, it has significantly increased the workload for the bank's in-house mailroom.

"Limited resources and physical space constraints had left the mailroom increasingly unable to handle the growing number of mail bags and quantity of mail," explains Rhonda Weber, Manager Banking Services, Bank of Queensland. "The small size of the mailroom team also meant that any staff absences resulted in mail delays and increased error rates - so we had a high risk element that needed to be addressed."

Rhonda had worked with Decipha in a previous role and knew that it may be able to help provide a solution. "And because it is part of Australia Post we were confident of its integrity in dealing with our mail," she says. Today, Decipha provides mailroom services for Bank of Queensland in its three busiest states - Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

All of the bank's incoming mail is opened and sorted by Decipha off-site, in each state of operation, before 8am each business day. Decipha also provides the bank with a network mail management service - quickly and cost-effectively distributing its internal and external mail to around 240 retail branches, 13 business banking centres, two state administration offices and its Brisbane head office.

"We have a lot of sensitive mail such as loan documentation, cheque books, deposit books, business cards and confidential customer documents," says Rhonda. "We can trust Decipha to move these items quickly and accurately."

Previously, all Bank of Queensland's mail was sorted through its head office mailroom, which meant, for example, that mail from one Victorian branch to another just down the road had to first go to Brisbane to be sorted. "Decipha has been receptive to creating a solution that works for us," says Rhonda. "They are good to deal with - and most importantly, they understand our business and our needs."