Transport Accident Commission

The Transport Accident Commission has transformed the management of its correspondence thanks to a customised electronic mail management solution.

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is a Victorian government-owned organisation that funds treatment and benefits for people injured in transport accidents. TAC also has a legislated responsibility to reduce transport accidents and the impact of road trauma on the general community.

In 2006/07 the TAC paid $709 million in benefits for more than 39,000 people. This involves a significant amount of critical paperwork, including the receiving and processing of claims forms, legal accounts and general correspondence.

According to Lindee Warren, Senior Manager Corporate Services TAC, the organisation was keen to move from a traditional paper-based correspondence system to a modern electronic system. "we wanted to improve the way we handled our incoming claim mail and pass on the greater efficiencies to our clients," she says.

Decipha, a business of Australia Post providing a broad range of document and mail management services, was asked by the TAC to develop a customised electronic document solution. Decipha had already been providing a range of mailroom services for TAC, so was familiar with the Authority's mail volumes and requirements.

One of the TAC's key requirements was to have a system that would electronically capture all claim-related documents and would also integrate with its existing workflow solution. The new mail management process also had to be compliant with a number of legislative guidelines relating to the handling and storage of documents and records.

Using one of its leading IT architects, Decipha worked closely with the TAC to create a customised IT system that could electronically capture and index all claim-related mail and assign a unique document number and digital signature to each document. "The use of unique document numbers and digital signatures means that the TAC can be assured that the documents are securely stored and are easy to access," says Lindee.

Decipha plays an important role in the TAC's electronic solution, starting with the early morning sorting of all of the Authority's non-hand delivered mail and electronically scanning these documents into the custom-built system.

As soon as Decipha completes the scanning of a document it is transmitted to the TAC immediately using data encryption (which converts the data into a form that can't be easily understood by unauthorised people) via a secure line - providing the highest level of security. And to make it easy for TAC staff to sort and respond to the scanned documents, each document is given an index (such as a claim number or name) enabling TAC staff to quickly find and respond to the relevant contents of the document. All of TAC's claim-related documents are scanned on both sides to ensure authenticity.

One of the major benefits has been the time saving. "Almost all of our privately addressed mail is received by 7.30am on the day of receipt with the remainder received by 10.30am the same day. Nearly all our claim related mail is received by 10.30am on the day of receipt, with the balance received before midday," says Lindee. "this is a great result for us and has definitely improved our operational efficiency. We now have customer information loaded into our system a lot faster."

According to Lindee, another benefit has been the consistency of service. "Previously TAC staff received incoming claim mail in a variety of ways - now it is all received and stored electronically. We get it faster and have greater control over the documents."