Accounts Payable Processing

Accounts Payable processing in many organisations is a manual, labour intensive process.

Common issues within this process include:

  • Manual Processing Costs – can be laborious and make the cost of processing per invoice expensive. Research indicates these manual costs to be around an average of $30 to $40 per invoice.

  • Undetected Errors – regardless of the competency of your Accounts Payable team, human error is always a factor. The time then spent retracing the process to correct the inconsistency invariably adds additional time and expense to the invoicing process.

  • Timeliness of Processing – manual processing can involve long periods of lag time, whilst approvals are distributed, sit on someone’s desk, and information is corroborated. This can make it hard to meet payment due dates leading to penalties or missed opportunities for early payment discounts.

Decipha offers Accounts Payable solutions which can help automate and eliminate these issues through:

  • Collecting incoming invoices received via mail, email or fax.

  • Imaging, data capturing, and validating information from these invoices

  • Delivering this information to your systems for further processing via transmission or management via hosted workflow.

  • Devising a solution to enable straight-through processing of your incoming invoice data via a supported financial process automation software solution. Decipha works with reputable software partners who can provide certified Accounts Payable integration software for Oracle, SAP and PeopleSoft among others.

  • Decipha can also manage a range of related financial documentation through our processing to enable your accounts team to receive comprehensive support for their inbound processing requirements.