Creating inbound information management solutions for today’s business challenges.

Inbound information management solutions

Physical mail management solutions

Security screening

Reduce the risk of business disruption and maximise the safety of your staff.

Optimise mailroom management and reduce the cost of processing inbound mail

Achieve efficiencies and reduce the cost of processing inbound mail.

Scanning and digitisation solutions

Return to sender services

Ensure your next mail-out campaign reaches your intended audience.

Access archives electronically

Enable fast, secure and low-cost access to important information.

Digital Mailroom

Digitally deliver inbound mail to your staff – no matter where they are located.

Electronic data management solutions

Online form design and processing

A secure and digital alternative to managing paper-based forms.

Digital document processing

Automate the data capture, classification, conversion and delivery of your inbound information.

Accounts payable processing

Leverage automated workflows to reduce the cost of processing supplier invoices.

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