Archive digitisation

Create fast, secure and low-cost access to important information.

Archive digitisation

Do you have large amounts of paper stored in your office or at a third party provider?

There are many reasons to consider archive digitisation. 

Paper archives are costly to manage and can impact staff productivity and customer satisfaction.  There is also the long-term degradation of paper to consider.

Most importantly, however, is the need to provide staff with access to important information, regardless of whether they are working virtually or onsite.  

We bulk-scan paper archives and create electronic replicas to enable fast, secure and low-cost access to your important information.  

The result?  Digital archives are available at the click of a button.  This means your staff no longer need to spend time and money sourcing paper files and your customers enjoy service efficiency.

How does archive digitisation work?

The process is simple and tailored to meet your business requirements.

Step 1

Document registration

Archive Registration

We collect archives from your premises or storage provider and transport them to our nearest scanning facility (six sites across Australia).  Upon arrival, they are registered.

Step 2

Preparation and scanning

Preparation and scanning

We remove staples and paper clips, repair page tears and tape-down post-it notes.  We then scan archives via high speed scanners and use Optical Character Recognition to capture the data you require.

Step 3

Classification and indexing

Data capture and classification

Our software auto-classifies and indexes each archive based on your requirements.  This enables electronic filing and access.  We auto-divert any documents which can’t be classified appropriately to a Decipha operator for action.

Step 4

Electronic output

Electronic output

We upload searchable PDF images and XML or CSV metadata into system folders or document management systems as per your requirements.

Enhance customer service

Digitise your paper archives to enhance customer satisfaction.

Do your staff need to retrieve paper records from onsite or offsite storage to provide services to your customers?  This is costly (particularly when factoring in courier requirements) and can lead to delays in accessing important information.

With an electronic archive system, your staff can quickly and easily access records with the click of a button.  Your customers will appreciate having their service requirements addressed faster, and your staff will enjoy being able to spend their time on other work.

Want to know more?

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