Digital document processing

Automate the capture, classification, conversion and delivery of your inbound information.

Digital document processing

Reduce costs and gain efficiencies by digitising your document management processes

Are you just starting out on a digital transformation journey or have you already made headway into electronic processing? 

Either way, we will work with you to design a solution that will address your specific business challenges.  And the result?  You will enjoy lower document management costs, operational efficiency and bandwidth to focus on more strategic work.

Digital Mailroom

The digital mailroom – your first step towards digital document processing.

We collect and sort your inbound mail and pass it through high speed scanners.  You will receive the output (searchable PDF files) on the same day as receipt via SFTP.  A cheque processing service is also available, with same-day delivery to your nominated bank. 

If required, we can redact sensitive data (such as Tax File Numbers) to ensure compliance with your regulatory requirements.

At this stage, the key benefit is fast, electronic access to your mail.  This will drive employee productivity and support virtual work arrangements. 

Automating the document workflow

We work with you to develop a series of business rules that define exactly how each document needs to be processed.  We also configure our market-leading software to capture any data you require, regardless of whether it is from typed or hand-printed text, check boxes or barcodes.

During processing, our system references these rules and configurations to automatically split, categorise and index each document into the required categories and sub-categories. 

Any captured data which doesn’t meet your required level of accuracy is auto-diverted to a Decipha operator for validation.  It is this combination of automated processing with human validation which can achieve over 99% accuracy.

Automate document workflows
customer portal

Multi-channel document receipt

To drive further efficiency, we introduce multi-channel document receipt (inbound mail, email, faxes, online forms and data feeds).  Through this, all documents received electronically join your scanned paper mail in our system.  We are then able to manage all of your document processing requirements through a single consolidated approach.

At this stage we also reference third party data feeds.  This allows our system to manage decision-making on your behalf, such as invoice rejection based on your accounts payable processing requirements.  Our specialist staff are available throughout this process to provide support if required.

There is also the option to incorporate an online portal into the solution.  This provides an invaluable platform to share progress updates with you and automate communications to your senders and recipients.

How does digital document processing work?



To enhance the quality of scanned images, we apply fixed-field zone recognition techniques (such as auto-box removal, auto-rotation, de-speckle and character visibility repair). 

We then extract your required data using OCR (typed text), ICR (hand-written text), OMR (check boxes) and barcode scanning.

To ensure accuracy, we use keyword/pattern matching, full page ‘fuzzy’ searching and database matching.  



We combine techniques to accurately classify your documents. 

Template classification identifies known structured forms. 

Content classification identifies semi-structured forms and leverages algorithms to determine the context. 

Instruction-based classification (with keyword and phrase matching) is used to classify completely unstructured forms.  



We convert your images (in black & white or colour) to industry-standard multi-page TIFF or PDF/A formats.  Metadata is converted to XML format. 

As part of the conversion process, we can also activate digital signatures, searchable text functionality and PDF/A archival formats.


Electronic output

You receive output as it is processed, directly to your business system or via common file transfer interfaces.  These include FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Web Services, SSH/SCP, SSL and IPSEC.

Alternatively, we can transfer your images and data to a secure, cloud-based electronic repository.  Through this, you can digitally search, view and access your documents as required.   

Access to Australia Post services

Partnering with Decipha gives you the ability to incorporate other Australia Post digital transformation services into a single contractual agreement. 

Whether your business challenge involves identity services, payment platforms, or leveraging data for better customer engagement, we’ll put together the right combination of capabilities in response to it.  

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