Digital mailroom

Fast and digital delivery of inbound mail – no matter where your staff are located.

Digital Mailroom

The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation like never before.

Since COVID-19 first reached Australian shores, we have helped many of our customers transition to a digital mailroom service.  This has ensured their operations can continue, regardless of what workplace restrictions may be in place.

However, beyond assuring business continuity, there are so many benefits of a digital mail solution.  Costs are reduced through the removal of manual mail processes and courier requirements.  Efficiency is improved, with staff able to enjoy faster access to their mail.  And services are scalable – we can easily accommodate peak mail volumes without impacting service levels.

How does the digital mailroom work?

Decipha will collect and scan your inbound mail, delivering it to you via SFTP on the same day as receipt.  There is also the option to include a cheque processing service, with delivery to your nominated bank.

Our solution is highly secure, low cost and fast to implement.  Following agreement on your requirements, we can establish the services within a matter of days.

Step 1

Secure pick-up

Secure mail collection

We collect mail from your PO Boxes.

Step 2



We transfer mail to the nearest Decipha facility.

Step 3


Preparation and scanning

We digitise paper mail via high speed scanners.  If required, we can also process and bank cheques.

Step 4


Digital mail delivery

We deliver your digital mail via SFTP.  We can securely destroy the paper mail or forward to your premises.

Getting started is fast and simple

Simply click below to request a no-obligation quote today.  Once we have an understanding of your requirements, you will be enjoying digital access to inbound postal mail within a matter of days.

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Beyond the digital mailroom

Beyond the digital mailroom

A digital mailroom is a great step towards achieving your digital transformation goals.  Once established, there are many ways in which we can enhance and optimise the scale and functionality of the service. 

Check out how we use workflow automation software to capture, classify and index data to meet your requirements. 

The value of mail digitisation in a pandemic and beyond

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic turned entire workforces into virtual teams.  As a result, organisations had to find new ways to distribute inbound mail to the right people and functions.

Here’s how Decipha stepped-in to offer a digital mail solution.

The Value of mail digitisation in a pandemic and beyond

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