Mailroom management

Manage your mail efficiently and reduce mailroom costs.

Optimise mailroom management and reduce the cost of processing inbound mail

Decipha was first established in 1996 to deliver mailroom services and this expertise remains core to our business today.

We deliver mailroom services onsite, offsite or via a hybrid approach.  Through a hybrid model, we manage bulk mail offsite at Decipha whilst our mailroom staff provide onsite support.  This delivers flexibility and cost savings, whilst also ensuring a professional presence is maintained at your premises.  

Onsite mailroom management

Our mailroom specialists will deliver onsite services for your employees and customers over a set span of hours.  They are security cleared and will be trained across your mailroom requirements.  To cover any absences, a team of Decipha relief staff will also be available. 

Optimise mailroom management and reduce the cost of processing inbound mail
  • Inbound and outbound mail and courier processing

  • Internal mail collection, with sorting and re-distribution

  • Courier bookings

  • Loading dock management

  • Inter-office (branch) mail sorting and re-distribution

  • Track & Trace for Express and Registered Post

  • Printing, photocopying, binding and fulfilment duties

  • Administrative tasks, such as cheque registration, records management, mailroom-related invoice reconciliation and approvals

  • Helpdesk services, including a mail service web page accessible via your intranet

Offsite mailroom management

Offsite models suits organisations with multiple branch-bag flows, large mail volumes requiring fast processing or a desire to introduce digitisation. 

This approach can significantly reduce costs, as we adjust the use of our resources and infrastructure to meet volume fluctuations.  As such, you only pay for the services required (rather than a set span of hours for onsite mailroom staff).

Offsite services can be delivered at any number of our facilities nationally.

Offsite mailroom management
  • Mail and parcel security screening

  • Inbound mail receipt, opening and sorting

  • Outbound mail processing, including department cost allocations

  • Internal mail sorting and re-distribution

  • Inter-office branch mail sorting and re-distribution

  • Track and Trace for Express Post and Registered Post

  • Mail digitisation via high speed scanners

  • Data capture, classification and indexing via leading workflow automation software

  • Mail receipt and processing via digital channels (email, fax, SMS, data feeds)

  • Return To Sender mail management

  • Cheque payments and accounts payable processing

Future-proof your mail management processes

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic turned entire workforces into virtual teams.  This meant that organisations had to find new ways to distribute inbound mail to the right people and functions.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect and enhance your mailroom processes throughout these uncertain times.  Check out some of our ideas below on how to remove reliance on paper and provide flexible and convenient options for your customers. 

Digital Mailroom

A digital mailroom will enable your staff to access mail at their convenience, from any location. 

To achieve this, we will collect and scan your inbound mail, delivering via SFTP on the same day as receipt.  In addition, we can include a cheque processing service, with delivery to your nominated bank. 

Access to Australia Post services

Partnering with Decipha gives you the ability to incorporate other Australia Post services into a single contractual agreement. 

Whether your business challenge involves identity services, payment platforms, or leveraging data for better customer engagement, we’ll put together the right combination of capabilities in response to it.  

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