Return to sender services

Ensure your next mail-out campaign reaches the intended audience.

Return to sender services

Do you undertake outbound mail campaigns to communicate with your customers?  If your customer database holds incorrect address details, much of this investment can go to waste.  

Through our Return To Sender (RTS) mail service, we help you maintain current address data and ensure your next mail-out reaches the intended audience.  As a result, you enjoy improved customer engagement, lower marketing costs and reduced paper waste. 

Furthermore, as a business of Australia Post, we have the unique ability to match your customer database against our National Change of Address database.  Through this, you can identify which addresses to update and which to suppress. 

How does return to sender mail services work?

Send mail

Send mail

You complete a mail-out campaign or customer communication.

Scan barcodes and wash data

Scan envelopes

We receive RTS mail from the campaign and scan the barcodes (DPID or standard).  If desired, we can also wash the RTS address data against the Australia Post National Change of Address database to identify new available addresses.

Deliver data

Deliver data via email or SFTP

We deliver the captured RTS data and new address information to you via email or SFTP.  Scanned envelopes are securely destroyed.

Update databases

Update contact database

You can now update your customer database with new address data.

Ensure your customers receive their mail

Ensure your customer address details are correct and deliver successful mail campaigns

As a business of Australia Post, we have the unique ability to wash your returned mail addresses against the Australia Post National Change Of Address database.  Our data is derived from Australia Post’s Mail Redirection service, which captures 80% of Australians who move house annually.  

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