Security screening

Ensure the safety of your staff and remove the risk of business shut-down.

Mail and parcel security screening ensures staff safety and removes the risk of business shut-down

Why is security screening important?

In today’s environment, the risk of receiving threatening or hazardous mail and parcels is increasingly becoming a reality for many organisations.  An offsite security screening service will minimise disruption to your business and ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

We train our staff extensively in identifying and managing hazardous items, and our infrastructure is set-up to screen a wide variety of mail, parcels and courier deliveries. 

The service can be used on an ongoing basis or ad hoc as required to support events or campaigns.  

How does security screening work?

X-ray screening

We use high and low absorption x-ray techniques to screen your inbound mail and parcels.  This process complies with Federal and State government legislation and ARPANSA regulations.  Any suspicious items are managed through stringent emergency procedures.

Physical assessment

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Our staff use custom-designed apparel and equipment to visually inspect and tactile examine your mail and parcels.  This process identifies any suspect writing, packaging, odours, leaks and powders.

Secure delivery


We stamp all cleared items with ‘Security Cleared Decipha’ and the date, and seal them in security-tagged bags.  We also produce a daily list of screened items and send this to your receiving location ahead of the mail and parcel delivery.

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For over 20 years, we have proudly delivered offsite security screening services in most capital cities and Canberra.  

Our processes and equipment meet international airport standards and comply with the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework. 

It is this combination of long-standing expertise and stringent processes which gives our customers the confidence to trust Decipha with the safe delivery of their mail. 

Want to know more?

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