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Beyond the digital mailroom

Beyond the digital mailroom

Article | 5 May 2021

Beyond the digital mailroom – adding value to your mail digitisation processes

Was 2020 the year you implemented a digital mailroom? 

When the COVID-19 pandemic first arrived in Australia, you likely adapted your operational processes to support a workforce which had largely become virtual.  Transitioning to a digital mailroom ensured your staff could still receive and action inbound mail whilst working remotely.

But where to from here?  How can you ensure you continue to gain efficiencies through your digital mailroom in the years to come? 

Let workflow automation software do the work for you

Do you currently receive scanned images of inbound mail?  If so, consider using workflow automation software to auto-capture and validate data from these images for you.   

Through this, you will receive processed images and data quickly and securely, removing the administrative burden on your staff and enhancing workplace productivity.

To start, work with your provider to identify a series of business rules that determine exactly how each document should be processed.  From here, workflow automation software can be built into the solution.  This will enable zonal and full-page text recognition techniques (OCR, ICR, OMR and barcode scanning) to capture your required data, followed by automated classification, indexing and validation.

Look for a solution where unclear capture results are auto-diverted to your provider’s operators for manual verification.  Through our experience, we have found this combination of automated processing with human validation can achieve over 99% accuracy.

Digital mail receipt

Consider introducing other document receipt channels

Imagine if, each day, all of your inbound information from different channels could be fed through a single consolidated process.  No more disparate approaches to managing inbound information.

You will achieve this by introducing multi-channel document receipt.  This is where all of your electronic inbound mail (email, faxes, online forms and data feeds) will join the scanned paper mail in your provider’s system.  From here, a single process is followed to capture and classify data before directing it to workflows or people within your organisation for action. 

Multi-channel document receipt accelerates processing and decision-making timeframes, enabling you to serve customers faster and more efficiently.  Furthermore, manual touch-points are largely eliminated, removing the risk of human error and ensuring high quality data output. 

Combine mail digitisation with complimentary services

Consider what other services you may be able to combine with your digital mailroom to maximise your benefits.  For example, as part of your mail management processes, do you need to verify identities, facilitate payments or wash your return-to-sender address data?

Including related services into the digital mailroom and having it all managed by one provider under a single contractual agreement will really accelerate benefits for your organisation. 

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Getting started

Our in-house professional services team can review your digital mail processes and recommend enhancements to ensure ongoing efficiency gains.  

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