Automated end-to-end management of the Accounts Payable function

Decipha tailors accounts payable solutions to meet the requirements of commercial and government organistions – from basic supplier invoice digitisation right through to the end-to-end automation of Accounts Payable functions.

Traditional Accounts Payable departments are driven by underlying rules which must be applied over and over again during the invoice approval process.  It is costly to manually apply these rules each time and route invoices to the right users for approval.  Add in common pain points – such as duplicate invoices, lengthy cycle times and excessive helpdesk volumes – and the overall cost to process a supplier invoice can become quite high. 

Organisations employing personnel to manually input data have a real opportunity to reduce operational costs, drive efficiency gains and improve accuracy via process automation.  With manual data entry now becoming an unnecessary back office process, Accounts Payable staff can be redeployed to higher value and more fulfilling roles. 

The Accounts Payable Workflow

Workflow options can be as simple or as complex as required by your organisation, with Decipha tailoring the end-to-end process based on your specific pain points.

Why outsource Accounts Payable processes?

Reduce Costs

  • Minimise manual labour requirements with an automated workflow

  • Access quick pay discounts and eliminate late payment fees via faster cycle times

  • Lower the overall cost to process an invoice

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Remove duplicate invoices

  • Minimise inbound call volumes

  • Eliminate two and three way matching challenges

  • Enhance vendor relations

  • Automate exception and rejection handling

  • Increase data upload and matching accuracy

Gain Control

  • Enjoy control and visibility over Accounts Payable cycles

  • All data is housed within Australia

  • Configure users with pre-determined access rights

  • No geographical barriers / secure access from anywhere