Large-scale digitisation of physical records to support a paperless work environment

Organisations across all industries often have large amounts of paper in the office or in storage which can easily be digitised and accessed electronically. 

Decipha’s records digitisation service bulk-scans paper records, creating electronic artefacts which enable fast, secure and low-cost access to important information. 

The benefits for our customers are significant. 

Costs are drastically reduced via the removal of long-term paper storage and recall requirements – regardless of whether paper records are stored onsite at your premises or at an external records management provider. 

Staff can quickly and easily access the information they need via the click of a button, rather than retrieving paper records from storage.  This enables them to address customer service requirements faster and focus on more strategic work.

Digitising records also secures important data for long-term access – there is no longer a risk of data loss due to environmental factors such as fire, water or general degradation.

The records digitisation workflow

The workflow is simple and can be customised to suit your business requirements:

Document registration

Decipha collects records from your premises or storage provider and transports them to our closest scanning facility (seven sites across Australia) where they are registered.

Preparation and scanning

Staples and paper clips are removed, page tears are repaired and post-it notes are taped-down.  Records are then scanned via high speed scanners.  Optical Character Recognition captures the required data from each record.

Classification and indexing

Files are classified and indexed as per your specific requirements to enable electronic filing and access.

Electronic output

Searchable PDF images and XML or CSV metadata are uploaded into system folders or document management systems as per your requirements.

Decipha’s service features an innovative reconciliation functionality which tracks each record in real time across the end-to-end process, ensuring its whereabouts can easily be identified and extracted for urgent imaging or physical return.  This also eliminates the risk of any records going missing or being misplaced. 

In addition, any sensitive information can be redacted (such as credit card or tax file numbers) to ensure compliance with records management policies and state/federal laws.

Once the digitisation process is complete, physical records can be stored onsite at Decipha for a defined period before being securely destroyed.  Alternatively they can be forwarded to your records management provider or returned to your organisation.