Digitise document management processes to drive efficiency, reduce cost and remove paper

From simple document scanning through to automated end-to-end processing, we work closely with our clients to tailor solutions which address their specific pain points – regardless of whether they are just starting out on a digital transformation journey or have already made headway into electronic processing.

Inbound Document Scanning

A simple introduction to digitisation – your inbound mail is collected, sorted and passed through high speed scanners by trained and security cleared Decipha personnel, with the output (searchable PDF files) transmitted to your organisation.  Scanned physical documents are securely destroyed, moved to a records management provider or forwarded to you.

Depending on your security compliance requirements, any sensitive information (such as Tax File Numbers) can be auto-redacted before output files are generated.

At this stage, the key benefit is faster access to mail.  This drives employee productivity and enhances customer satisfaction via reduced turnaround times. 

Electronic Document Processing

Further value is gained as we move beyond basic scanning and focus on automation.  Our priority is to develop business rules which define exactly how each document is to be processed – our system then references these rules to enable automation.

Decipha’s market-leading software captures any data you require – whether it be from typed or hand printed text, check boxes or barcodes.  Our system then automatically and accurately splits, categorises and indexes each digital document into the required categories and sub-categories.

Any captured data which doesn’t achieve a pre-defined level of system confidence is automatically diverted to a Decipha operator for validation.  It is this combination of automated processing with human validation which can deliver over 99% accuracy for our clients.

To further streamline processes, we recommend incorporating other document receipt channels (i.e. fax, email, online forms and data feeds).  Once paper documents are scanned they join the documents received via electronic channels, with all items then processed in a single consistent manner.  The image and data output in your required format is transmitted directly to your system or repository for online storage and retrieval.

An Integrated Digital Ecosystem

Your organisation can achieve end-to-end digitisation across the entire cycle – from multi-channel document receipt through to mode of delivery (web, desktop, mobile, cloud). 

We achieve this by leveraging a combination of:

  • Cloud-based architecture

  • Deep system integration

  • Automated workflows

  • Pre-determined business rules to manage decision-making (i.e. invoice rejection based on accounts payable processing requirements)

  • System referencing of third party data feeds

  • Automated communications to senders and recipients via an online portal – an invaluable platform to share progress updates and raise any issues for action without manual intervention